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The world is changing and so are the trends in different fields. The majority around the world wants to explore the world in their own way. Some want to travel with their families, some want to travel with their friends and some solo. But as more and more people now want to explore and travel, many of the beautiful places are getting heavily crowded and commercialized. So among the people who have already visited such beautiful places Himalayan Treks getting famous day by day among them. Exploring beautiful and isolated places that are away from the civilization and near to the laps of nature can be considered as the basic concept of a trek. Although trekking is something which cannot be done by everyone but for those who can do it, know how addictive it can be.

Here, in India, Himalayas offer great and wide range of treks which vary from easy to moderate to extremely difficult.

So, Here I present you the with a list of EASY HIMALAYAN TREKS FOR BEGINNERS which can be easily done by a 1st timer. This would also lure you people to look forward for other higher level treks.

Triund (6 Kilometers)

Triund Top
Triund Top

Triund is a beautiful trek destination situated in the laps of Dhauladhar Range in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The trail for this trek starts from Dharamkot which is just 3 kilometers before the main city of McleodGanj. This trek is the major attraction for nature lovers in India and also it is considered to be the busiest trails in the region. The initial trail of this trek is easy to walk and the tea stalls and other small food cafes make it even more fun. But by the time you gain altitude the trail gets a little difficult as the incline angle increases. Nevertheless all the tiredness vanishes away once you hit the summit. Camping sites are available at the top and you can get the camps for the night on rent or you can carry your own tent with yourself. Also with current statistics it can be concluded that Triund is considered to be the beginners trek in Himachal.

Height: 2850 meters.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.

Best Time: May- June and September-October.

Chandrashila and Tungnath (5 Kilometers)

Tungnath Temple
Tungnath Temple

Chandrashila, literally known as “Moon Rock” is located in the mountain range of Garwhal Himalayas. It is summit to the world’s highest ‘Shiva’ shrine, TungNath. It is a 5 kilometer trail from Chopta, the starting point of this trek. This place provides you with a divine slice of peace and Hindu belief in their Lord Shiva. The peak of Chandrashila is famous for providing splendid and panoramic views of mighty mountain peaks like Nanda Devi, BandarPoonch, Mt. Trishul and Chaukhamba. Initially you’ll cover the jungle part of the trail but as soon as you start to gain the altitude the mesmerizing views of snow clad mountains will take your breath away.

Height: 4000 meters.

Difficulty: Easy.

Best Time To Visit: April To June and September To November. For snow trails December To February.

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Hampta Pass ( 27 Kilometers)

Hampta Pass
Hampta Pass

Hampta pass is considered among one of the easy treks in Himachal Pradesh. This trek goes from Kullu valley to Lahaul Valley. This trek is famous for the variations in the surroundings which you will start noticing once you enter the Lahaul Valley. This trek has everything to provide from green lush forests to barren mountains and rivers to snow clad mountains. Usually this trek can be completed in 4 days but one extra day can be added to the itinerary to cover the famous Chandratal lake which literally means the “Moon-lake”. While crossing the Hampta pass two camping sites fall on the way namely, ‘Balu ka Ghera’ and the ‘Shea Goru’ . This is an easy trek with splendid views of Lahaul and Kullu valley. For those who are planning for their first ever Himalayan Trek with an over night camping experience then this trek can be an outstanding choice. Even though Hampta Pass takes around 4- days to complete yet it is always common among the list of Himalayan Treks for Beginners.

Height: 4270 meters.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.

Best Time To Visit: Mid June to October. Although you will witness rain in Kullu valley but the weather will be bright in Lahul valley.

Kheerganga (13 Kilometers)


Kheergana is a very famous trek which is located in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. This trek has 2-3 different trails to reach the top and it is famous for its majestic views of Parvati valley. The trek starts from a small town Barshaini which is just 20kms away from Kasol (also known as the ‘Mini Israel of India). The trek is considered to be an easiest one because it takes around 4-5 hours to cover the trek depending upon the average hiking speed and that too without any steep trails. One can also come back to starting point the same day provided one leaves for the trek early in the morning. You’ll get to experience the true essence of nature while on this trail. Initial climb is gentle but slowly it inclines a bit and you will get to see the forest line following the deodar tree.

Height: 2960 meters.

Difficulty: Easy.

Best Time To Visit: October To May.

Kedarkantha (20 Kilometers)


Kedarkantha is located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttrakhand. This place falls under the category of the easy treks in Himalayas in India. Kedarkantha trek is appropriate for all those trekking enthusiasts who want to be close to nature without putting their luxury on stake. This trek is open throughout the year but for more alluring views of nature and splendid views the trek must be attempted in winters. You will get to see the
360° panoramic view of the mighty peaks like Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini and the Black Peak. This trek can actually help you grow as a trekker and develop interest in trekking. In the vast range of Himalayan treks undertaking the Kedarkantha trek can turn out to be the best decision for those who don’t have much experience in trekking or are the first timers. The snow trails for this trek can be experienced in December and January months. Sankri village is the starting point of this trek. It has multiple camp-sites including Juda ka Talab which is a small lake 4 kms away from the starting point of the trek.

Height: 3900 meters.

Difficulty: Easy to modeate.

Best Time To Visit: Best done as a winter trek from December to March. Not suggested during the month of July and August.

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