Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila Trek

Tungnath Temple


Nothing can be compared to the feeling which you get while standing at the summit of this divine peak and seeing the sun rising in front of you. We are talking about the one of the most frequent trek in the state of Uttrakhand.
Chandrashila which means ‘Moon Rock’ is a majestic peak in the Garwhal region of Uttrakhand. It has an elevation of 4000 meters. This trek is famous for its splendid panoramic views from the summit and also for the temple which falls 1.5 kms before the peak. This temple is known as Tungnath. It is the highest shrine Of Lord Shiva who is one of the principal divine beings in the religion of Hinduism.
The base camp for this trek is Chopta. This trek can be attempted throughout the year but sometimes you can face some difficulties in winters specially in the month of January and February because of heavy snowfall as the trail gets covered with snow.
This peak offers the panoramic views of the Majestic mountains like Chaukhamba, Mt. Trishul and Nanda Devi. This place is best suited for those who want a break from their hectic life. This place can refresh your mind and soul as it provides you the divine slice of peace. Also this trip can be made even better if a day is added in the itinerary.
DeoriaTal is a lake and an off-beat camping and trekking site. Usually Chandrashila summit is considered to be incomplete if DeoriaTal is not included in the trip.
DeaoriaTal is an ethereal lake which is covered by the snow clad peaks and is situated at a 3 kms ascending trek from its base camp. The starting or initial point for DeoriaTal is Sari village.
Overall it can be considered for this trek that a bad day in this trek can still be a better day somewhere else.

Quick Information

Region- Uttrakhand
Duration- 5 Days
Difficulty- Easy
Maximum Altitude- 4000 meters.


 At an altitude of 3680m, situated 1.5KM below the peak of Chandrashila (4000m), Tunganath is the highest temple of lord Shiva in the world. It’s a part of kedarnath wildlife/musk deer sanctuary and is home to the species both flora and fauna categorised under various threat (rare, endangered and threatened) e.g. endangered musk deers and the famous rare Himalayan Monal- one of the most beautiful birds of India. Tungnath is at the top of the ridge  and divides the waters of the Mandakini River from those of the Alaknanda River. Tungnath peak is the origin place of the Akashyamini River. .The Tungnath trail is full of picturesque meadows n captivating sceneries. Few people know that around 600m before the Tungnath temple a secluded route diverges from Ganesh temple and leads upto ‘Ravanshila’ where devil-king Ravana meditated to please lord Shiva…At Tungnath Lord Shiva resides in linga form inside the garbgriha of the temple..Within the Tungnath temple premises there are smaller temples of Parvati,Pandavas, Kunti, Draupdi, Dharudia Devi, Kuber, Bhootnath and a special Pitrashila for performing rituals to ancestors..When temples are open there is a distinctive unique fragrance of marigold and sandalwood all around the holy place purifying the whole sacred place and travelers from within…
From the temple there is a steep rocky terrain that leads to Chandrashila ( moon rock) peak, named after Moon god “Chandra”as he spend time in atonement here… Legend also goes that Rama did penance here for recovering from ’Brahmhatya,’ after killing Ravana who was a Brahamin. The craze of Chandrashila trek remains all time high because of the sunrise view and 360 degrees panoramic views of the majestic peaks like Banderpoonch, Chaukhamba, Trishul, Jaonli, Kalanka, Dunagiri, Trisuli, Mandini, Satopanth, Kedar, Nandaghunti and many other mighty peaks of Great Himalayas …It’s a calm and quite place full with positive energies to rejuvenate yourself..A Perfect place to meet your own self. At the top is a small temple, structure of stones adorned with flags dedicated to Devi Ganga. Just sit still alongside the structure and feel  blowing away with the wind, flags atop GangaDham temple keep fluttering as if trying to have a mystical conversation with you. The tranquility helps you go deep within and connect with the divinity inside you, infact the only noise that breaks the serenity is the noise of your own stupid, ever- chattering mind. Usually people take a nightstay near Tungnath and climb the Chandrashila summit at the crack of the dawn for having a mesmerizing view of the rising sun..when its Yatra time it’s fine to get a stay near temple as few people are always there but when the temple shrine closes during winter then it’s an extremely thrilling and risky job as you are all alone in wild life sanctuary and wild animals roam freely around that place at night..but as for now it’s not possible because Uttarakhand government has banned all kind of overnight camping in and around meadows( bugyals), Eco parks and wildlife sanctuaries. So one will have to start early in the morning from Chopta itself and trek all the way to Chandrashila to have that unique self-awareness experience and enchanting unforgettable sunrise view that gets etched inside mind forever..



Drive from Delhi to HARIDWAR. You can use Public Transport which is available 24*7 from Delhi.
It will take around 6 hours to reach Haridwar. Haridwar is the major attraction for many pilgrims very year and also a home lot of saints. Major things to see here are The famous Ganges Aarti ( Worshiping the Ganges), Different Ghats (Stairs leading to the rivers)
Market area and Rishikesh which is also known as the Yoga capital of the world.


Drive to Chopta from Haridwar which is around a 7 hour’s journey. The road goes through some major districts of the state of Uttrakhand like Pauri, Rudraprayag. The road is quite beautiful and it goes parallel to the Ganges. You will get to see the two out of five Prayags on this route. Rudraprayag which is the confluence of the rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini.
Devprayag which is the confluence of the rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. Chopta is a beautiful small town situated in the laps of snow clad mountains.


Start your trek early morning around 3 am if you want to see the majestic views of sun rising. Else you can start your trek when ever you want throughout the day.
It is not recommend to trek in the night. To the trail to your Chandrashila you will go through the world’s highest Shiva shrine which is also known as Tungnath Temple.
Enjoy the splendid scenic beauty of nature around you and the panoramic views of majestic mountains like Bandarpooch and Chaukhamba Peak. Spend some quality time at the summit and get close to the nature. In winters this trek becomes even more appealing. Get down to Chopta which is the base camp of this trek. After reaching the base camp you can either take some rest and head back to Delhi or as I told you above you can go to the Sari village which the base camp to DeoriaTal.
It is recommended to go to DeoriaTal as it is best camp site for the night stays. After reaching Sari Village trek to DeoriaTal which is around 3 kms.
You can rent tents from Rudraprayag or you can get your own. You will get to see the mirror image of the majestic Chaukhamba Peak in the crystal clear lake water.
Camp there for whole night.


Trek down to Sari village and drive back to Haridwar. You can also drive back to Delhi same day but it can be hectic drive so that is why it is recommended to take a break in Haridwar.


Head back to Delhi. It’s around 230 kms and will take you around 6 hours depending upon the traffic.

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Who Can Go On This Trek?

People who are purely beginners in this field can attempt this trek. A person with an average fitness grade can go for it.
Anyone with any kind of Heart Problem, asthma, high blood pressure or any other medical problem is not recommended to attempt this trek. You can also attempt this trek with your family till Tungnath as there is a dedicated trail till the temple.

Best Time For Trek

This trek is open throughout so you can go on this trek anytime in a year. Although, it is not recommended to go for this trek in the month of June, July and August because
of the rainy season because the trails gets muddy and slippery. In winters you will get to see heavy snow fall here and place becomes even more alluring.

Chandrashila Peak

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